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Merry Christmas!!!

Michele Sibley,
     May there be many presents for you under your tree.

This time, it's a Christmas card, and not an interesting note...
I did this all by hand, and not at all by rote.
I know I'm not a poet, and I may not be that great,
But I DO hope that when you get this card, it isn't all that late.

s OK, OK. I know... Not only can I not express myself verbally, my poetry is bad too.

Like I said before, art is beyond my grasp. As a result, I find it only fair to tell you that neither the animated .gif of the tree nor the little smiley face are of my own creation.

This card has been meticulously (yeah right.) worked on by Adam "Anagram" Michaud. If any part of this card does not display properly, please complain to him at some later date. His contact information is available to the public, by doing some research.

Have a very merry Christmas, an equally great New Year, and please try not to do anything special for my birthday, which is on the 111 th day of the year.  Talk to you next in Y2K.

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