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  This is my jargon generator. What is a jargon generator? It is a compilation of non-sensical statements which, when chained together, create a jargonic phrase.
  Eg. In the list below, some jargonic phrases which you can create are:

  Below, you will find the jargon generator. Feel free to print it out, but you must give me credit if you use it.
Star Trek : The Next Generation
Solution Generator
1 Quasi-temporal Gravtion Field
2 Quasi-spatial Pulse
3 Naturally occurring Flux
4 Focussed Tachyon Beam
5 Photonic Spread
6 Neutronic Burst
7 Compressed Warp Generator
8 Degenerating Traces
9 Pick 2 of above Pick 2 of above
10 Pick 3 of above Pick 2 of above Pick 3 of above

  Here are the rules for rolling on the Jargon Generator:

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