Anagram's Family

My family and I sometimes get along. We are usually happy folk, and we can sometimes compromise a situation where we can get along in peace. If we want, we can be kind to each other. The biggest pain is my little brother, Shawn. Then, my sister, Cathenna will break us up, because we will have started a fight. Anyways, I have two very kind parents, and we all usually get along well.

Here's a recent picture of me. (My hair is growing back.)

Pic of AdamAnagramMichaud

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    About Me

    I am Adam Michaud. I am 17 years of age, and this is my first REAL webpage. I live in Bethany, Ontario, and I go to I.E. Weldon Secondary School. I was born in British Colombia, and, at an early age, I moved to Québec. I lived in Montréal, and, at age 10, I moved to the West Island. While I was there, my mother met my stepfather, and they got married. We all moved to Campbellville, where I learned to play Magic: the Gathering . I had some really good friends up there, Christopher van der Voort, Jason Klip, Scott Potter, Chad something, etc..., and if any of them are reading this, I wish them the best. Then, at 15, I moved to Brampton. I made some really good friends, Sean Wilde, Bob Frank, Simon McDougall, and Norman Hobbs. Thanks to all of you! Now, age 17, I'm in Bethany, and it is BORING!!! I've made a few friends, but otherwise, it's been a pretty quiet time. Anyways, I'd better end this section, for fear of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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