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    Welcome to my page of friends from the VIP.

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    As you must know by now, my nickname is 'Anagram', and I'll be your tour guide while you are visiting my demesnes.  Please feel free to make yourself at home.  Comments will be appropriately forwarded to ye olde Guestbook.

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    Now, you'll learn a bit about me.

Adam Michaud
Anagram, AnotherRandomIndividual,
TheManInTheBlueJacket, (and many others)
I'm leaning towards 'Spanish Train'
Living in:
Bethany, Ontario
Music Person:
Chris de Burgh
Yes. Brown
That'd be Piers Anthony
    Well, I don't know if this is meaningful, but I have no girlfriend, and have never bothered to ask anyone. I rarely dance, and I try to appear emotionless. Maybe this will change one day, when I find someone and settle down, but until then, I'll be perfectly happy alone. I know how to cook, and I don't mind shovelling the driveway, or mowing the lawn. I read often, and when I do, it's hard to reach me. Also, I do ennjoy playing computer games, but please don't hold that against me, because it has increased my hand-eye co-ordination nicely. :o) Generally, I'm a kind, happy person, and I don't mind a nice healthy conversation. Oh, you may have noticed that I DO know enough HTML to get by. If you feel that I need too add more info, I'll be glad to oblige. Just tell me what to add.

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    Oh dear... This is the part I'm going to regret, isn't it? Well, here's a list of the VIPers I've found to be friendly. If you're not on this list, I'm VERY sorry. I can't remember everything, as I possess a poor memory...

*Mental note: Find a more reasonable excuse for this part of the page*
    Anyhoo, in no particular order, here's the list. Once I get e-mail addies and homepage addies, they'll be added too.