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Sebastian Jones

465 Jones Ave.

Toronto, Ontario  M4J 3G7

Home: 416 358 0490


     To acquire my own dwelling and expand my work experiences.


     I have completed Junior high and am currently working on my highschool credits through Internet correspondence courses.


     I enjoy heavy moving and hard physical work. I'm a quick learner and have strong interpersonal skills. I have past experience with the tools used in construction (ie. sledgehammers, hammers, nails, drywall and so forth).

Employment History:


Auto Trader, Toronto, Ontario

Customer support representative, 2000 - 2000

     I was a customer support representative for Auto Trader and learned how to deal with many different types of people, in various moods. Furthermore, I learned how to deal with several types of paperwork, collected credit card information, and learned how to operate basic office machinery.


Harry Ktorides, Toronto Ontario

General Labourer, Construction., 2002 - 2002

     I worked with Harry for quite a while doing various tasks in the construction and demolition fields. I also learned how to use various tools and materials.


Robert Masar, Toronto Ontario

Demolition man, 2002 - 2002

     I worked for an employer named Rob for around 3 months on the Japanese Consulate Mansion Of Toronto. I had to work with sevral other people here and had to direct newcomers on what to do as well as organization tasks. The demolition involved carefully tearing down sevral walls, cabinets, showers, closets and the frames of a few rooms to make them bigger. Of course, as in Harry's job, I had to help clean up everything that was torn down.


     References available upon request.